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An Entire Course Which Covers Basic As Well As Advance Level Concepts And Also Offers The Traditional Offline Experience.

**# 1 Best Selling Course !**Everything You Need To Learn About Cracking CSIR/UGC-NET From Student To Research Scholar.

# Last Updated : 02 July,2020 # Language -- English Hindi Mixed.

# Best Seller Course  With 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)2345 Ratings) – Total Enrolled 6543 Students Till Dated. 

Course Created By : Ms Deepa Vahishtha, Ms Neha Dua, Mr Rajender Bansal, Mr Shivankan.

What you will Learn :

Approximately 233 Advanced Concepts.

64 Total Topics of Inorganic Chemistry,

81 Total Topics of Physical Chemistry.

93 Total Topics of Organic Chemistry,

05 Topics Of Interdisciplinary Chemistry.

2800 Originally Framed Standard MCQs,

800 Problems of General Aptitude and Reasoning.

340 PYP Numerical Based Problem,

100 Basic Differentiation & Integration Mathematical Tools.

1350 Part – C Analytical, Experimental, Comprehensive MCQs.

1050 Part- B Memory Based MCQs.

450 Graph Based Representation MCQs,

2300 Reference of Foreign Author Books for Evaluation.

Quantum Chemistry 24, Group Theory 10, Solid State 10 , Chemical Kinetics 18, Physical Spectroscopy 15, Surface Chemistry 9, Electrochemistry 18, Thermodynamics 20, Statistical Thermodynamics 10, Polymer Chemistry 6 Physical Photochemistry 8, Nuclear Chemistry 8, Coordination Chemistry ( D – Block )40, Organometallic Compounds 40, Acid Base Chemistry & Chemical Bonding  35, Inner Transition Elements ( f – block ) 15, Inorganic Spectroscopy 15, Bioinorganic Chemistry 20, Stereochemistry 30, Organic Spectroscopy 40, Functional Group Inter-conversions; Reagents 50 , Naming Reactions 50 , Pericyclic Reactions 25 , Bio-organic; Natural compounds 20 , Heterocyclic Compounds 18 , Aromaticity 12 , General Organic Chemistry 12 , Reaction Intermediates 12 , Reaction Mechanism 15 , Photochemistry 15

Online ₹17582 /-
Offline 39500 /-

This course includes :

840 hours Live Video Classes

43 Units article Chapters

233 Concepts in 43 Units of Chemistry.

167 downloadable resources

9 Months Content access

Access on mobile and Laptop

Android, iOS, Web

Certificate of Completion


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For Ph.D.: M.Sc./B.E./B.Tech./M.Pharm. or equivalent degree.
For I-Ph.D.: B.Sc./B.Pharm./B.S. degree or equivalent degree.
Candidates with B.E./B.Tech degrees can optionally get an M.Sc. degree by fulfilling necessary requirement

In Spectroscopy; important Principles, Basic range of chemical shift values in NMR , and IR frequencies are emphasized because students might feel pressurized to learn hundreds of facts.

In Organic Synthesis and Retrosynthesis; Each important fact and concept is highlighted which is required for solving problems. For example; In Electrocyclic Reactions ; the selection rules and concept of stereochemistry is explained prior to solution.

Concepts of General Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry are interlinked, so wherever required, solutions are provided with detailed facts and concepts.

All important formulas and mathematical tools, of Physical Chemistry are highlighted separately so that students can focus on required knowledge; for solving problems in couple of seconds.

Basic Periodic trends, Principles and their applications Of Inorganic Chemistry are so well Inter-related for each problem that you can understand them in easier and effective way !!!!

Online / Offline Class

  • Due to COVID -19 crisis all over the world ,Bansal academy is starting online Live class & Offline Class coaching for CSIR NET Life Science, CSIR NET Chemical Science, CSIR NET Physics throughout this entire session and further.
  • Batches Starting : 02,December,2020 , 02 January 2021, 14th January 2021.
  • Online live class fee : 17582/-
  • Offline classes fee : 39500/-
  • Duration : 5 Months  for Life Science ( Previous Year Paper Detailed Session Plus Special Classes for Chemistry, special bonus of Biostat Classes, Numerical Mathemaical Problems in life science and Aptitude Classes).
  • For CSIR NET Chemistry and Physics Specialized Classes for GATE will be conducted, Aptitude Classes.
  • Time Duration : Each day 3-4 hours of timing will be available for conducting classes in evening session.
  • Study Material : Hand written notes will be available to the students.
  • Doubt Class : Extra time will be given to the students excluding regular timing for Doubt Removal Session (DRS).
  • Test Series : Available to Students Weekly, Monthly, Unit Wise, PYP, Mock Test Series (MTS).
  • Assignment : It will be provided according to Syllabus Covered in a week .
  • Package includes  : Online  Live Lectures +Test Series + Doubt Sessions + Personal Counselling
  • Whole Package of 4  &, Half Months In 17582/- With Quality Coaching.
  • SPECIAL BONUS EXTRA HOURS : Course duration is actually four and half months with 3-4 hours of daily classes BUT for average students special hours can be increased.

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