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Why 24 Point Formula Books Strategy Innovation ?

Even if detailed readings of the standard reference book for the relevant subject do not turn to be handy in solving the question in competitive examinations, then the books by Bansal academy Chandigarh will provide the standard direction to pave the pathway for you in preparation for competitive examination.

  1. Reference Books :- As per exam standards, Foreign Authors Publications are enlisted with each problem here, for those who need bit more insight on topics .
  2. Clue and Concept :- Clue is provided to find key of the solution and detailed concept is there, to prepare mindset about the solution of given problem.
  3. Explanation :- It provides in-depth justification for the problem, which you find in a very interactive and conceptual approach.
  4. Conclusion :- Very helpful to get quick insight about the solution if you don’t require brief explanation.
  5. Justification to wrong options :- With the explanation of correct one, other three wrong options are also justified for the reason of their elimination.
  6. Right Track Guidance :- With the knowledge of right reference books which you need to follow for self preparation, you are getting premium guidance too.
  7. Short tricks :- Good to go with tricks for mathematical calclulations as well for other numerical problems too.
  8. 8. Diagramatic Representation :- Wherever required, diagrams and tables are elaborated for 360understanding in each concept.
  9. Mathematical Tools :- For simplified and easier learnings, Smart art methods such as flow charts and Graphs are provided.
  10. Literature :- Student friendly language (non-bookish) with simplified definitions and tricky calculations has been provided in very interesting and easier manner.
  11. Approach :- Problem solving approach has been used to not complicate concepts and to get clear information .
  12. Study Labels :- There are separate quick knowledge pools such as Formula Sheets, Periodic table etc. provided.
  13. Non- Plagiarized work :- Authentic work has been done to provide you complete new and fresh content without any plagiarism.
  14. Mix-Match Problems :- For those , Each given term is explained and well focused so that whole scenario of problem get understood.
  15. Trends and Principles :- Basic periodic trends , their important features and important Formulas are highlighted separately to focus the required information for various competitive exams.
  16. Little Extra than Usual :- Those out of box questions which are usually avoided in many institutes during course-work, are also well elaborated with full justifications. E.g; Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry etc.
  17. Research Oriented Data :- Not only Standard authors are followed but Research paper links and their valid information is also provided, wherever required, for better theoretical and practical understanding.
  18. Basics to Advanced Principle :- The goal is to provide standard information for students from basic level to the advanced one, which is actually the most demanding fact.
  19. Aviods Unnecessary :- To the concept explanations and no essay type theoretical details are there, just to maintain good interest throughout the textbook.
  20. Past as well Future Validity :- Along with Previous Year Solutions, we have worked on frequent asking future approach too, so that you might get valid information for those problems that could be asked in future.
  21. One Team Work :- Multiple Faculties bonded together in a single team to provide you premium textbook with fine, detailed information of each section.
  22. Crash Course :- This textbook provides you Better alternative If you are looking for a short term crash course, even it provides you more than that.
  23. Premium Innovation :- In the era of PYP solutions available for CSIR/UGC NET, GATE, TIFR or IIT JAM entrance exams till today, no one can beat its authenticity, detailed information with sufficient and original data in well precised manner because none other sources has done this much student oriented efforts
  24. Assistance :- This single textbook provides you great assistance for various competitive exams such as CSIR/UGC NET, GATE, TIFR, JAM or OCET entrance exam. Basically If you are looking for “Solution to Many Exams in A single textbook”, Then without hesitation go for it !!!