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HPPSC PGT English Syllabus

HPPSC PGT English Syllabus Overview:

Bansal Academy aims to provide a comprehensive coaching program designed for individuals preparing for the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (HPPSC) Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) English examination. Our coaching syllabus encompasses a wide range of topics to build a strong foundation in English language and literature.

1. Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary:

  • Reading Skills: Comprehension of passages, inference, and critical analysis.
  • Vocabulary Development: Synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

2. Grammar & Composition:

  • Grammar Usage: Parts of speech, tenses, sentence structure, and transformation of sentences.
  • Composition Writing: Essay writing, letter writing, précis writing, and report writing.

3. Literary Texts & Poetics:

  • Literary Texts: Understanding and interpretation of literary works, novels, short stories, and plays.
  • Poetry Analysis: Understanding poetry, analyzing poetic devices, themes, and forms.

4. Language & Communication Skills:

  • Communication Skills: Listening, speaking, and effective communication strategies.
  • Language Teaching Methodologies: Pedagogical approaches to teaching English language and literature.

5. Critical Thinking & Writing Skills:

  • Critical Thinking: Analytical reasoning, logical deductions, and argumentative writing.
  • Creative Writing: Creative expression through storytelling, narrative writing, and descriptive writing.


The HPPSC PGT English syllabus covers various aspects including reading comprehension, grammar, literary texts, language skills, critical thinking, and creative writing. Aspirants preparing for the examination should focus on these areas, emphasizing comprehension, language proficiency, and effective communication skills to excel in the examination.

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