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Its evolution in books of :








in the field of Life Science ,Chemical Science, Physical Science.

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Even if detailed readings of the standard reference book for the relevant subject do not turn to be handy in solving the question in competitive examinations, then the book by Bansal academy will provide the standard direction to pave the pathway for you in preparation for competitive examination:

  • Question based solving approach with theoretic explanation
  • Detailed explanation and concept for MCQs of all subject
  • Provides assistance in conceptual as well numerical section including the general aptitude based questions
  • Analysis of all the four options with justifications
  • Tabulated explanation with inference and appropriate reasoning
  • Explanation & reasoning for correct as well as in correct options and the in-depth analysis of each option including the wrong ones (not provided by any other book yet)
  • Includes the concept applied to solve the question
  • Every question has detailed explanation & concept to provide valid information related to questions that can be asked in future.
  • In-depth summary provided for every question
  • Diagrammatic representations provide more question clarity
  • Well illustrated smart art methods i.e. flowchart, graphs
  • Attached formula sheet, comparative study labels
  • Explanation in Mix Match type question focuses on each term
  • Informative Clue and Concept for question, which gives idea on how to find the key to solution
  • Conclusion to provide quick insights to solutions for every question
  • Multiple faculties from different stream contributed to shape up the elaborated work on each paper.
  • Content is totally original without any plagiarized work
  • Solutions to MCQs are based on references books (as per exam standards), principally foreign authors.
  • Authentic references for each question are mentioned along with, for those students who wish further insights on the topic
  • Enlisted key terms at one place
  • To the concept answer and no unnecessary lengthy and essay type theoretical details.
  • Advanced alternative/replacement for short term crash courses in institutes
  • The books by Bansal academy cover the syllabus of all major competitive exams i.e. CSIR-NET/ GATE/TIFR/ICMR/JAM/DBT
  • None of the other books or sources provides this much detailed work in precise manner and this one book suffices all the necessary information and aspects from various standard sources.


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