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HPPSC PGT Chemistry Syllabus

HPPSC PGT Chemistry Syllabus Overview:

Bansal Academy presents a meticulously designed coaching program catering to the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (HPPSC) Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) Chemistry examination. Our coaching curriculum aligns with the comprehensive syllabus, focusing on imparting knowledge, building concepts, and honing problem-solving skills essential for the examination.

1. Physical Chemistry:

  • Atomic Structure: Quantum theory, atomic models, electronic configuration.
  • Chemical Bonding: Ionic and covalent bonding, molecular structure, hybridization.
  • States of Matter: Gaseous state, liquid state, solid-state, solutions.
  • Thermodynamics & Chemical Equilibrium: Laws of thermodynamics, chemical equilibria, phase equilibria.

2. Inorganic Chemistry:

  • Periodic Table & Periodicity: Classification of elements, periodic trends, s and p block elements.
  • Coordination Compounds: Isomerism, bonding theories, Werner’s theory.
  • Transition Metals: Properties, coordination chemistry, and their compounds.
  • Organometallic Chemistry: Structure, bonding, and reactivity of organometallic compounds.

3. Organic Chemistry:

  • Basic Concepts: Structure, nomenclature, isomerism, and stereochemistry.
  • Reaction Mechanisms: Types of organic reactions, reaction intermediates, and mechanisms.
  • Organic Synthesis & Natural Products: Methods of synthesis, retrosynthesis, and chemistry of natural products.
  • Aromatic Compounds & Heterocyclic Chemistry: Benzene, electrophilic substitution, aromaticity, and properties of heterocyclic compounds.

4. Analytical Chemistry:

  • Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry: Principles and methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Instrumental Methods: Spectroscopy, chromatography, and electrochemical methods.
  • Chemometrics & Separation Techniques: Data analysis, validation, and separation techniques.

5. Environmental Chemistry:

  • Environmental Pollutants: Sources, effects, and control measures of air, water, and soil pollutants.
  • Green Chemistry & Sustainable Development: Environmentally benign synthetic methods, waste management, and sustainability.


The HPPSC PGT Chemistry syllabus covers various aspects of chemistry, including physical, inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry, along with environmental chemistry. Aspirants preparing for the examination should focus on these topics, emphasizing conceptual understanding, practical applications, and problem-solving skills to excel in the examination.

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