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Hppsc pgt political Science exam pattern and syllabus

The HPPSC PGT Political Science exam pattern and syllabus is designed to evaluate candidates’ knowledge and proficiency in the field of political science. The following points provide a general overview:

1. Written Examination:

  • The HPPSC PGT Political Science exam pattern typically consists of a written examination.
  • The written exam may comprise multiple-choice questions (MCQs) or descriptive questions, depending on the subject.

2. Subject-Specific Paper:

  • The exam is subject-specific, meaning that candidates will be tested on the subject they are applying for—in this case, Political Science.
  • The question paper is designed to assess the candidate’s proficiency in Political Science, including both theoretical knowledge and its application.

3. Syllabus Coverage:

  • The syllabus for the HPPSC PGT Political Science exam Pattern is generally based on the postgraduate level curriculum of the concerned subject.
  • Candidates are advised to thoroughly review the prescribed syllabus for Political Science to ensure comprehensive preparation.

4. Duration and Marking Scheme:

  • The duration of the exam and the marking scheme may vary, and candidates should refer to the official notification for specific details.
  • Typically, there is a set time limit within which candidates must complete the exam, and each question carries a specific weightage.

5. Interview or Personality Test:

  • In addition to the written examination, shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview or personality test.
  • The interview assesses the candidate’s subject knowledge, communication skills, and overall suitability for the teaching position.

6. Negative Marking:

  • Some competitive exams, including those conducted by HPPSC, may have a provision for negative marking.
  • Candidates should be cautious while attempting questions, as incorrect answers may result in a deduction of marks.

HPPSC PGT Political Science Syllabus:

The syllabus for the HPPSC PGT Political Science exam typically covers a wide range of topics within the subject. While specific details may vary, the following are general areas that candidates are expected to be familiar with:

  1. Political Theory:

    • Classical and contemporary political thought, political ideologies, etc.
  2. Comparative Politics:

    • Comparative government and politics, political systems, political institutions, etc.
  3. International Relations:

    • Theories of international relations, international organizations, global governance, etc.
  4. Indian Political System:

    • Constitution of India, political institutions in India, political processes, etc.
  5. Public Administration:

    • Administrative theories, bureaucracy, governance, etc.
  6. Political Economy:

    • Political economy theories, economic policies, globalization, etc.
  7. Research Methods in Political Science:

    • Research design, data collection methods, statistical techniques, etc.

Candidates should refer to the official HPPSC notification for the most accurate and detailed information regarding the HPPSC PGT Political Science exam pattern and syllabus. Regular updates on the official website should be monitored to stay informed about any changes or additions to the syllabus. 

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